Introducing my new mod lol


SU! is like a upgraded version of Sodium. i will continue updating this mod and try to get others to help me. If you want to check it out, go to the dyesoftware website ( and click "SnapUnity! Mod" and download the .xml file from the link on the page.

If you want to help out with development or request, ideas or feedback about SU!, reply!

that's all for now!

How much mods for Snap! you made?

2 real mods

but for everything else, about 4.

Bookmarked might make something for you dye soft studios.



Can you put some documentation? I would like to know what you added, and what code is inside those blocks.

new official website ty!

i will.

Here, ill tell you what to put for the documentation for SnapUnity!

it is a mod. i added more blocks and currently adding more.

And "fall" doesn't even check for the Ground! At least my Rigidbody block for DevSquare actually checks for the Ground.

Dude look. they are short cut blocks by me, Is that what you wanted? @cameron8299 its just some custom blocks, get over it. Also the do nothing block is suppost to nothing its like, if option = 1 stop script, but instead of stopping script, you could choose "do nothing".


You can name it "pass" as most programming languages use the pass keyword to do nothing. It's just filler.

Whenever I make a programming language emulator in Snap!, I make a block called "pass" in the "Controls" section. Basically it does nothing, but I can't stand an empty script. It annoys me.

The TTS block isn't really good. It didn't work for me.

Dude, what your doing is borderline cyberbullying. i legit did nothing to you and i just wanted to make a upgraded version of sodium alright? so just leave me alone cameron.

sorry man youre right



when @earthrulerr lets me edit the html (my name on replit is sladescar btw)

@earthrulerr since the first rating, 8 of my friends rated it: 9, 8, 9.5, 10, 10, 9.7, 8, 9.5

can you change the total rating of dyeio2 to 9.2/10?