That was Slates overall rating for the review.

Giving perms rn

If you ever need help on it just say. I can maintain the site.

thanks im learning some html ill be good soon tho

yeah i know but change the game rating to 8.3/10 because someone rated it 7.3/10 because they didn't know how to play.

anyway the game might get silver certified soon bc we have 9 stars (nine 10, 9 or 8/10 star reviews)

I gave you editing perms

That website needs some css.

I could make you a page, I like making pages

Here is some of my work

thank you!

we would love for you to help us!

Alright, want access to the repl? What’s your username?

I like this one



should I make a separate folder for the new concept?

Sure I guess.