Snapsites are a safe alternative to a domain. You can create your own site on Snap! and share it on the forum, you can make profile sites like this one or make sites for your projects! I have made a few templates and will continue to make more.

UI’s are mad with


To create a Snapsite either use one of the templates above or make your own, please us the title block and change it to www.(project name/site name).snapsite please send the link to your project and tell me the site name.Do not lie about achievements on profiles that have them.

Used Snapsite names

UI - Some UI’s you can use that I made

Custom sites
Want me to make a site for you? Just ask! I’ll reply when I see it with some questions about what you want it to be! Snapsite Custom Sites

Auto Sites:
Snapsite Profiles

All Snapsites:

Shouldn't you have code to generate these websites? Someone could just create there own without having to remix or anything. If you want, I could do that for you (or at least try)

I am trying, that is what I need Forums PFP Api for.

Checkout the new Snapsite here!: Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks

Anyone have any ideas for Snapsites?