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In there is everything form email, username, collections, and projects, and logging in/out. In projects you sometimes need to know the user of someone so you do but there are other option which are displayed in the description (first link), in my run with Snapsites I want to create a auto customizing site that will add your PFP without you having to manually import and re size, position, etc. @jens

Why are you mentioning jens?

Isn't that illegal?

In the API you can to the url/password/c or something and it shows YOUR password.

Because jens set the API up.

Somebody can make a malicious project that uses different instances of the URL block to access the API and send your password to a different server.

You can't.

IM NOT TALKING ABOUT PASSWORD! Get on topic! A API that gives access to the profile picture, NOT PASSWORD! Like for mine, I could do url/users/pfp/c then it would make the costume my PFP!


Because someone said that there is no password API and I think there is. Ugh on topic with the PFP api

You can get the image data with url

but it's probably not very easy to parse without JavaScript.

With JS, also without having to type your own user.

Thanks! How would I make it so that it creates a new costume of the PFP?

A bunch of things:

  1. There is no API call that gives you your password. I don't know where you inferred that from, but your passwords are encrypted and salted. There is no way for us or you to read them back from the backend. That's why the recover password mechanism gives you a new password. We can't know what your password is.
  2. The forum and Snap!Cloud are two different projects with their different APIs, even though they share data like usernames and emails.
  3. Out of security concerns, there will be no way to make API calls to the cloud (or the forums, for that matter) from within a Snap! project in Snap! v7. This is in part a consequence to the constant attempts to break the cloud coming from this forum. You may not be trying to do that, but others are, and we have no way to distinguish between the two.