Snapsite - Profiling

Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks Updated version of Auto Profile, much better. To use save as www.{your user}.snapsite and change all {setting:user} to your username.

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I was just pinging you to show you the new one. Can you text it please?

pfp not working

Screenshot please,

Oh nvm I disconnected it sorry try in a few seconds I am going to fix it.

Edit: Try now

Edit2: @joecooldoo is it working?

Have it forever launch the process. Also, do this in your code in the ssprite "link":

What is the difference?

It makes the button appear when you hover your mouse over it. It also makes it so it doesn't spam you with new tabs.

I might have another solution, besides that is everything else good?

Yeah, but please change the code to what I sent.

Oh no.

? It just crashed.

I fixed it with a much simpler solution, let me save then try it.

Your forums keep crashing?

I beleive that was a server problem. But only this forum page works for some reason.

Weird, so did you try the links?

Please just use my code. It's cleaner and has additional features.