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Snapple is a web engine created and designed by earthrulerr for Lunar OS. Any bug reports or feedback about Snapple? Just say it below!

You can not re-publish Snapple and claim it as your own. If you re-publish it or share it you must give credit. Snapple is not responsible for what URL/search you put in.

Snapple was originally made for Lunar OS and will be used in Lunar OS when Lunar OS gets released unless plans change. To run Snapple you must be in editor and enable JavaScript. You do not need to put https:// at the beginning of your URL for an example put ‘ or search Snap Berkeley‘ and enter. If you find any bugs please report them on the forums and please tag @earthrulerr

Lunar OS

Lunar OS (Part 1)
Lunar OS (Part 2)
Lunar OS (Part 3)

Before you click the link please read above. Snapple

UI & Coding - earthrulerr
Fixes/improvements - loucheman

From the ToS:

If you share projects publicly, then you must abide by additional rules:

Anything you share is available to other users for any purpose, including the sharing of modified versions of your projects. By sharing a project, you are agreeing to license it under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. (Fine print: If you want your project to be considered "free software" then you should waive the "NonCommercial" part of the license, but we do not impose this choice on you). This license also applies to any media (images, sounds, etc). you share on this site.

If you do use someone else's work in creating your project, you should give them credit for it, in your project notes.

It's not that you shouldn't take pride in your work -- of course you should. And anyone who remixes your work should properly credit you, as the ToS require. But we want our community to be a community, which means we support each other. Please don't be propertarian.

Good project

It don't work like a search engine for me (maybe because of chrome?), but it work perfectly for an url launcher (ex:

if i type "earthrulerr snap" in the ask block i got:

you can improve your project with this:


if i type "earthrulerr snap" in the ask block you will got:

What's the point? It isn't really a "web engine" either, it's just feeding a link into

Browser thing web engine. It is a program for Lunar OS.

I will make it so you must give credit.

I was refering to

I changed it.

Thanks for the tip I added it.

That doesn’t really matter

also you necroposted

Snapple xd

Just wanted to point that out though :(

it's still necroposting, and that doesn't really matter anyway


Since apparently this post is still alive...

That's obvious. And if you remix it, it automatically gives credits.
As bh said, snap is under the Creative Commons license, so what ever you
publish on snap, it has to be able to be remixed.
But the person remixing it has to give credit,
and I think in the licence, you have to change it a little bit, but I don't think you will get banned if you don't.

Some people do not give credit. Some dont require it either.

Didn't you hear?



What SOME are you talking of? ALL coding websites, like Scratch, Snap!, MIT App Inventor, and some non-coding websites, like TinkerCAD, have the same "Auto give credit" stuff (They automatically say which user made the original project and say "This project is a remix of")