I didn't realize tinkercad did that

Wait, do you use tinkerCAD?

If you haven't been there in a long time or have never copied something, I understand that you wouldn't be aware of the remix stuff.

I've never remixed stuff yeah

There is a bug with this, it not always does.

Some people say no need for credit on their projects.

I think that is also part of the license. If they say you don't need to add credit, then you don't have to.

this really needs fixing

Ok it doesn’t matter, offtopic.

If you use someone else's work, it's always polite, and sometimes required, to give them credit whatever the license, if any, might say. ("Sometimes required" means in a context in which everything in your project is expected to be your own work, e.g., it's a school assignment.) Using someone else's work without credit is plagiarism.


in my "MrOwlsssSnap Custom Blocks" project, you don't have to give credit because they are already in the blocks and help menu.

Only if they are generous enough, they don't require credit.

No, it wasn't off-topic.