Snapmegle! Concept (Snap! x Omegle)

I'm making a concept based on Omegle, using MQTT.

I've had several iterations of the Snapmegle! logo. Here are a few:
Snapmegle Changed text of the Snap! logo
Snapmegle Changed lambda in the logo to omega and removed the cap
iteration 3 Changed the colors of the logo to fit with Omegle's color scheme
iteration 4 Added back the cap to the logo
I've only created the logo, so any advancements will be edited onto the post.

What's Omegle?

Wikipedia says this.

It was sadly taken down in late 2023.

I see.

Quick question. Would this count as


Probably not. I'm figuring out a way to remake Omegle with Snap!, so it shouldn't be against that rule.

Unfortunately, although it's a good programming exercise to build one, it couldn't be promoted on here as if it works then it's the very definition of a place to have off-site chats :frowning:

But it's technically legal since it's a project that was made on the website.

I think we just found a loophole

No, there is a precedent of Snap! projects made as Chatting software being shut down.

There is no loophole unfortunately.

The Snap! team can monitor threads on this forum. They can't monitor chats occuring elsewhere - even if the program to run those chats is written in Snap!

So any two persons could end up chatting on a Snap! based chat room with no Snap! team member monitoring them (not enough resources to do so)

And since if any untoward event happened as a result of Snappers using the chat room, then that wouldn't be good.

And because that might happen, then promoting such a chat room would be against the TOS of this forum

Should I cancel this project?

That would probably be for the best, unfortunately.

Brian has this to say, from an old topic:

Will it still be okay if I host the project somewhere else that's not in the Snap!Cloud?

Also, if I create a group game, similar to Quizizz or Jackbox, would that possibly be a little on edge for the rules?

As long as you don't promote or post the address of the project here

Would someone be able to give out their phone number or address using it? If not - then should be OK :slight_smile:

You just can't share it on snap in any way, not even here in this topic (and I don't think you can advertise it on scratch, because scratch also has rules against off-site meetings, aka chat apps).

I personally would only create it for personal uses, to learn how chat apps work, but I wouldn't ever share it, as no one is gonna use it.

If you don't talk about it here, then it should be fine.

So it's like 4chan but, you know, awkward.

Not even safechats are allowed (safechats are basically where there are preset things you can say so you can't swear or leak your phone number)

And it's also like Zoom, but, you know, awkward.

And with 2 people.

Yeah but with Zoom at least you know who's gonna join the call - it's not like a random matchmaker puts two people together on a Zoom Call. You are given a code to join a Zoom amongst other people who are invited into the Zoom so...

Also I haven't heard that name in years :sweat_smile: