Snapmegle! Concept (Snap! x Omegle)


Someone sued the guy who created Omegle because their son got in a chat with someone… bad

And that's why programs with chat abilities are not allowed here

i think they are, but they have to work properly without being able to be bypassed. you can do that by checking the text to make sure it's valid then sending it and doing the same thing on the other side

Don't be a jerk. We are not your enemy.

sorry for necrofarting, but here's the reason why omegle shut down

1: omegle was full of bad people
2: omegle got a lawsuit at the time
3: minors got exposed to horrible stuff like nudity, gore and more illegal stuff

thats all i know, if i missed something or something is wrong tell me, if theres too much, ill make this a wiki (not a snap wiki article)

And why is that so?


Would people start only saying "hi" and "bye" to form messages that convert to morse code that then convert to actual messages?

MAYBE some people, but I don't know for sure.