I Wanted To Make A Snap! Mod With Js Blocks But One Thing I Need Some Help And With My Very Little Understanding Of Js I I'm Sure I Would Need Some Help Thanks!

Why? There are already JS blocks!

Also @joecooldoo or someone has probably made JS blocks (or something similar of that).

This guide is helpful:

The JS block already exists. You just need to enable JS extensions in the settings to see it.

I Know That But I Know That But Instead Of Text I Would Want To Do Blocks
Edit: Okay I Might Be Able To Make Something

Okay I Edited My Last Post So....... Yeah.....

Is there some reason you have to capitalize every word? It makes your posts much harder to read.

I had a friend whose autocorrect was stuck on Title Format, so every word was capitalized. If I had to guess, it might be the same issue with their autocorrect or whatever. It'd be pretty difficult to manually capitalize every word I'd think.

It's not as hard as you'd think, well, if you're a great typer, and you're not on mobile.

Huh, interesting idea but already exist Javascript block. But when this block will do same things as already we have and it won't require option "turn on" before using project- I'll like this!

But many users question is simple:

For what... ?

That's a bad idea, since...


Okay I think Its my typeing style I well try to do it this way I think its better and why (I think Its becuse I got use to typeing that way) sorry :frowning:

:x: typeing
:white_check_mark: typing

joecooldoo already made a system to run snap xml in his MS-DOS Simulator.