JavaScript tutorial (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from JavaScript tutorial (Part 1).

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wow... I didn't know that if I replied to the original topic, it would close...

no, it's because there's a limit of 100 posts on all topics except for wiki.

But the javascript tutorial got to 200 posts before closing!


Were there 199 posts before the limit was placed?

No, there were 215.

how did you make that edit button

i have no idea what you mean, i dont see an edit button

on the original post there is a button that says edit

its a wiki post

how do you make it a wiki post

3 dots menu

there is no make wiki button

make a post, then click the three dots next to the reply button, then click the wrench, then click make wiki. If you don't see the button, it might be because you're still a basic user.

how to be not a basic user

edit: wait, you're already at trust level 1. idk why you can't make your posts wikis.

I have level 1 trust why dont I see it?

where is 3 dots menu