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I made a completely new version of SnapCups , I rewrote a brand new software for SnapCups called SnapForks. There are less files no big css looks and more.

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@SnapCloud_Team or Snap Developers, can I get the code to the loading icon that waits until all image/elements have loaded please. I would like to use it in SnapForks on the main page.

Im not happy with that because you defined this in script.js:

function submit(){

and then you used in index.html,
but instead of using it,you defined it again!
Also,there's no thing with an id txt2!

I don’t get what you mean

Ooooo, Can't wait to eat my SnapFood with these SnapForks!

Ha ha :laughing:

Lol, I love my puns and jokes. But wait, there is SnapForks, and SnapCups, so why not make SnapFood, it would be a full and proper meal!

It's almost like you're making lunch, but using the word "Snap" in front of everything! XD

You gave me an idea each new repo will have a new name like; SnapKnives or SnapSpoons

Lollll :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:man_facepalming:I'll make a pull request
Edit:Its already good now!

Hey, it's just like Splayer (which is currently broken)!

Maybe specific examples of food, like SnapPeas

Check your pull requests on Splayer I fixed the problem

New navigation bar!

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Look good!

Thanks, it supposed to look like the scratch navbar, I think I did good!

1.0.0 Full Release :partying_face:

:partying_face: Yay! The full release of SnapForks! :tada: