SnapCups (Forkphorus for snap!)


**Check the repository for more info**


How to contribute

Cute. I forgot that we do have a player for embedding a project. But it's not quite the same as having an entirely offline player.

Yeah, I'm working on some other stuff
and what do you mean:

You know, attractive in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty; affectedly clever; precious. Wikipedia says it's associated with youth in ethnography.


Yes XD

Hello! welcome to the snap! forums, you seem new!
I just read your sig and i saw this:

Hai, I'm experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript

Can you help me out here:

(if you don't have a github account we can chat here)

Hai, I'm really sorry I just do not have the time to create something like this. I am on Scratch @CoverMusic, that takes up a lot of my time, I'm also helping out here, doing Scratch Wiki and I have got various other hobbies outside of Scratch and Snap as well. Really sorry, I would like to help market this if I could though?

What do you mean market?

By 'market' I mean tell people about this and get people to use it, in short I would drive traffic to the website. If you are familiar with Scratch I am kinda famous on there with nearly 3k followers, @CoverMusic

Ok, maybe not now, because it is not ready, btw I am @Danielthebanana4 on scratch

Hello, I understand it is not ready. I’m saying that when it comes out would I be able to be the head of marketing?

Sure :smile_cat:

Awesome! Thanks for the follow, are you high up in the forums here on Scratch?

I used to use the forums a lot but not so much today, try to stay on the same train track (as in stay on topic)

Ah right! I think a lot of the forum answers are done by @bh, I think there needs to be a better community aspect to snap.

Nah, some questions are hard to answer and only the developers know what is what

Mmm.. I guess so. Snap as a small amount of users so I think that is probably why it is best to take advice from the developers. What do you think about the Snap 'community' outside of the forums?

I don't know, can't really chat outside of the forums

What's wrong with git clone