Snap! subreddit - recruits wanted

can i be a mod? u/itssladescar


Message me at u/slatetechnologies

Can I be a mod as well? u/WarpedWartWars

Okay. Just send me a message and join the subreddit.

I sent a message about an hour ago. Did you get it?

Where is the λ?

@joecooldoo It's not here because this post: :no_mouth:

Yes, is "Gobo" not Alonzo, that's the missing λ cause. :neutral_face:

Gobo (Scratch):
Alonzo (Snap!):

Probably is because you looked this post or not? :thinking:

Hi everyone, sorry I've been sl@cking off on the Subreddit.

School opens at August 15th for me. You may think that school won't be such a problem because I can just use my school computer to access the subreddit and mod that way.

Oh, ho ho, you'd be so wrong.

I've said it before: I can't access using my school computer because it's trash (the computer, not I've said this so many times to joecooldoo because he makes cloud projects and the cloud is run by

If my computer can't even go to a simple website like, what makes you think I can access Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok of things?

So yes, I can't bring my already-existing unmoderated computer to school. Only my school chromebook. And thus I can't moderate the website 24/7...

aren't things like this not allowed?
or did the rules change while I was gone

I think the reason it's allowed, is because the subreddit is public, and has moderators, so nothing the snap team has to get involved in.

Well, discussion of Emails and such aren't. Just like on Scratch.

Scratch doesn't allow you to share emails because their domains may be unmoderated. If they allowed you to share emails, people could go send inappropriate or disturbing stuff to kids. Remember: Scratch is (or was) a kid friendly website.

Was? What happened to not make it a kid friendly website?

I'm not going to talk about it. I don't want to. And I don't need to. And we don't need to know.

Fair enough, but regardless of the reason, you're of the opinion that it isn't kid friendly now?

I don't think I need to talk about it, and I don't want to talk about it. My opinions on Scratch are mixed and such.

Hey, I have a question, what will we do on this subreddit?

Also, I'm guessing it would be a place to discuss stuff about snap that isn't really accepted on the forum, such as, modding snap using the js block.