Snap! subreddit - recruits wanted

I'm currently making a subreddit for Snap! on Reddit. It's called "r/SnapBerkeley" and here's the link: SnapBerkeley (

Currently though, it is in dire need of art and stuff that will make it look as good as "r/Scratch".

So I'm HIRING PEOPLE! And no, @helicoptur, that does not mean I'm PAYING people, okay?!

Anyways, here's all the roles I need:

  • Moderators: I'm hiring moderators for the Reddit, moderators who can multitask and moderate the subreddit and the Forums. Specifically the moderators on Snap!.

  • Art: I need some people to design art for the banner and stuff. I'll talk about that later if anyone wants to sign up. The description for the art I need is complicated as I need a lot.

(Also @mr_owlssssnap2 didn't you design a banner for Snap's TOTM once? If yes, great! Please help!)

Yeah, I think that's all for now. I'll add more but...



The reason why I'm making this is:

1 - Scratch has their own subreddit even though they already have a Forum. They are also popular. Why aren't we? We could make a subreddit and get a little bit more popular. I guess.

2 - Talking about JS and other stuff isn't really welcomed here. Which is a shame. So I guess the subreddit could be a way to talk about JS and other advanced topics with each other...?

I'll be a moderator because I'm not good at art.

I sent a message to you.

Okay, sure! Just make sure you have a reddit account!

I do, I sent a message.

Did you join the subreddit?

I invited you

Yes, I think I did.

Anyone else?...

I don’t use Reddit or have an account ofr it, but I would love to be a moderator in the future.

Okay, that's fine! Don't worry about it!

For now I am considering some people who can do artwork for the reddit so we can compete against Scratch's r/Scratch reddit.

Also, @bh, before you warn me or ban me again, let me say that r/Scratch is NOT affiliated with Scratch or Scratch Team. They say that in Rule #8 of the reddit.

I'm joined. :slightly_smiling_face:
I'm creating a banner. Please wait...
This will be take up my time... :face_holding_back_tears:


Probably in 2hrs maximum or 30min minimum.

New Banner!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

¡Me gusta Reddit Alonso!

@joecooldoo ¡¡¡Gracias!!! Si, quieres, descargarlo con click-derecho. :slightly_smiling_face:

Estoy en Chrome OS, así que tengo que hacer clic derecho y presionar Guardar como...

Did you use my test post for the banner? It looks like it.