Snap spotlight

Hello, i made a website called snap spotlight, you can submit your project here, i will create a form later for it. Visit snap spotlight

I'm now working on snap spotlight

Why isn't the sharing site we have good enough?

What do you mean

It is diffenent

I get that. Why is it different? What needs aren't being met by our site? I'm not asking antagonistically; I really want to know if you need something we're not providing. ("No reason; I just felt like writing one" is a fine answer if that's the case.)

First thing, snap spotlight is a site were you submit you projects, I don't just add any projects that I find. Second thing, you can share you snap profiles and forum profiles. You can also share you from posts. Third thing, I will make something on snap spotlight called featured block, were I will show a block and tell you how to use it.

sounds cool, especially the featured block thing. you should also put custom blocks in it(like ones from wow blocks or something)

Yeah, that is also a very good idea, i could make a submission form for custom blocks

is it supposed to look like this?

i don't think so, those icons are missing image icons.

yeah, also when i clicked on the projects link it took me to a 404 page

you need to click the one in the top bar for some reason

yeah, but that page is empty for me. it just says projects at the top

made a logo or something
use it if you want

edit: i just realized, how is this site a .gd? isn't that a cctld?

i bet he got it from infinity free
yup redirects to infinity free
wow, @mrdev88 even included a security certificate for the site

how did you make this website?
like, did you code it manually or use a website builder or what?

Yes, i haven't finished the website yet. Also i'm having some problems. I will try to fix it.

Yeah, that link is not working yet