Snap spotlight

Nice, i made the website from infinityfree.

Yup, your right. I'm using infinityfree to make the website

I code it using infinityfree, i made a blog for snap spotlight

Umm. I'm not sure it's okay for third parties to use the Snap! logo without asking first.

What I'm worried about is that you'll end up subverting our policies against likes, friending, following, and other such social media abominations by implementing them offsite. You can do that, perhaps unfortunately, but you can't do anything that leads people to believe we approve of it, and that includes variants of the Snap! logo for your site. (The okayness of using the Snap! logo unmodified depends on the context in which it's used.)

I hate to tell a kid they can't do something. (I don't mind telling an adult that.) Building your own UI to Snap! is a great way to learn and also a great way to exercise autonomy. I'm all for it, if it doesn't do social media things. Note that this paragraph uses the first person singular; it's not an expression of Snap! policy.

Maybe you're not gonna implement likes and stars and popularity contests, and everything will be fine.

Yeah, i don't like social media. I won't implement it. By the way, is it ok for me to make a forum for snap spotlight.

Aargh. I'm sorry, but no. No side-channel communication allowed. I agree it's stupid, see above.

ok, yeah it's stupid

i know im necroposting but

the image looks like something made from hell

Right, i made some trash, i will replace it later, and edit the website

Eh, it doesn't look like trash to me, just something very interesting (in a good way).

for snap spotlight, i made a logo

for dark mode (if theres ever gonna be one):

heres also a image to replace the trashy image
Screenshot 2024-05-25 120448

Ok, i can also remake the 3 image

That other image looks fine but i'll replace it with the third one, i also move the site to wordpress