Snap!shot 2024

Snap!shot 2024 was announced!!

More info can be found at Snap!shot 2024

What’s going to happen:

  • We start online on Wed, July 31st at 2 pm CEST (8 am EST / 5 am PST) with Lightning Talks, Show Us Your Project, followed by a bi-coastal friendly timed keynote address.
  • On Thursday, Aug 1st, there will be time for online unstructured birds-of-a-feather sessions.
  • On Friday night, Aug 2nd, there will be an in-person “Go Digital Night” with local youth at the SAP HQ in Walldorf, Germany.

Special Deal: Informal Onsite Community Meetup

Since we want to be reasonably timezone friendly sessions are scheduled to happen at European afternoons / nights. This means, that European mornings are … free! Jadga, Jens and then some, are going to hang out at the SAP campus in Walldorf near Heidelberg, Germany, and nerd out together.

If you’d like to meet us, why not come on over? We can provide rooms for informal exchange and spontaneous workshops, food and beverages. We can also give you access to our electronic gadgets like embroidery machine, plotter, microcontrollers and coffee machine. We also consider organizing a TeachMeet at a local restaurant or bar. Plus, we’d love you to stick around for the youth event on Friday as a participant or by offering an activity.

Important: To make life easier for us it would be awesome if you could drop us an email - conference(at) - as soon as you know that you’ll be coming in person.

Oh, butternuggets. Welp, guess I can't go.:person_facepalming::man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

I hope to be there, but have to check some things first at work.

:confused: :exploding_head:
That's how I feel right now with that sentence.

Is there going to be an option to attend on-line?

Wed and Thurs will be online

Cool! I'll see what time it is in my time zone...
(Yikes, 0500!)

The actual official meeting is all online! It's just that Jens and Jadga are going to host an informal f2f get-together for anyone who happens to be in Germany at the time.

Awesomeness! I will be there.

Had to do it :sunglasses:

i cant come

because i live in the middle east, i probably need visa just to get to germany (where sap hd is)

You can attend online! (That's what I'm doing.)


I have an actual phone now, so this year I can attend online :D!
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