How to make a 3d object to pick up

I think this summer, if I understand correctly.

I see.

I mean you need to divide your stage backround's into 3. you need 1 backround folder for each dimensions. I don't think you can do that in snap. not only that but you need other backround folders for the angles. need more folder's as the farther away you get from the center. it's easier to base your background off a polar grid witch you don't have in snap.
a cartesian grid ,you can only have 3 backround folders and with a polar grid ,you get all the angles.
I don't know the word for when you divide backgrounds into 3 seperate background inventories, so I'm calling them folder's.

Given the past updates, they've usually come out around july or augus, however v7 did come out in december. I want to say they usually come out around snapcon, but I can't be sure. I can't say for certain that v10 will come out then, because I'm pretty sure there's still a lot that might need to be done before it releases. I personally would expect it to come out in late fall.

Did it?

Yes, we are planning on having something for Snap!Con. Deo volente.

they are gonna block the whole internet next

oh crap

Again, that's not what the 3D Beetle extension is meant for. Objects created in the 3D window are dead. That means you don't get a reference to them. You can't modify their position, rotation or properties.

The 3D Beetle extension is a turtle pen in 3D space, not a general 3D programming abstraction.


Well, some scratch projects use the pen for all of their graphics, so why not use the 3D beetle "pen" to make 3D projects?

I'm actually working on an object system for 3D Beetle. (It has to redraw the entire world whenever an object changes, but it works.)

Does it take a heck of a long time to refresh? blinks twice with raised eyebrow

Depending on the amount of objects, it can take between 1/30th of a second to 3 seconds.

I'm work on culling, which should speed up the process significantly.

If there's anything I've learned about Computer Science and programmers, it's that programmers tend to make things perform things they weren't designed to perform.

But then again, yeah, the 3D Beetle Extension is pretty laggy, and it lacks advanced geometries and lighting and stuff, so it's better suited for creating 3D Shapes, maybe a 3D paintbrush, but yeah that's where it all ends.

Yeah, but then again, you could say that making huge games like Super Mario Scralaxy and Pizza Tower Engine aren't what Scratch was meant for, yet we have them, so that COULD happen, regardless of whether 3D Beetle was made for it or not.

When is Snap!Con 2024?

what is snap!con?
i joined 2023 so i dont know

It's basically the big snap event. You can learn about it on the website.

And if you still don't know, just wait for it to happen, it will be announced on the forum, or you could just look at past years.

This year there will be a Snap!shot instead of a Snap!Con

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