How to make a 3d object to pick up

i am making a game where your in a base and you live in a tower like a shooting tower like this
Screenshot 2024-04-18 11.14.47 AM
and you can pick up objects

What are you using for 3D? I would suggest 3D Beetle, once it comes out. (However, that might be a while.)

If you want to get up an running now, there is a cool YouTube series by Griffpatch to make a pseudo-3D game. (It's for Scratch, but it should still work in Snap!.)

We should have the ability to load in OBJ Files into Beetleblocks (I don't know if someone else has proposed that yet) That way I could just make a Blender 3D Model and then import it into Snap! and BAM! However that might take up server space, unless someone makes a system in which you can automatically grab assets from other websites that STORE those OBJ files.

I could do that... probably! Also, there's already a 3d OBJ file renderer on Snap! somewhere.

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Oh, sorry. You should be able to find a tutorial about how raycasters work on the internet.

college shouldn't be blocking anything imo

i agree, especially youtube.

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It uses the Pen Blocks which, even with Turbo Mode on, is incredibly slow.

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Only in the US. In Britain, for example, "college" sometimes means "high school."

you half to have alot of backrounds like animation and save your backrounds into 3 folders.
section for front back ,1 for front back 2 for left right, 3 for top bottom. I can't do that yet. I don't think you can do that in snap. I think you do that in scratch.

What do you mean?

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Isn't v10 coming somewhere next summer?

I think this summer, if I understand correctly.

I see.

I mean you need to divide your stage backround's into 3. you need 1 backround folder for each dimensions. I don't think you can do that in snap. not only that but you need other backround folders for the angles. need more folder's as the farther away you get from the center. it's easier to base your background off a polar grid witch you don't have in snap.
a cartesian grid ,you can only have 3 backround folders and with a polar grid ,you get all the angles.
I don't know the word for when you divide backgrounds into 3 seperate background inventories, so I'm calling them folder's.