Snap [scratchblocks] Tutorial (Part 3)

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Why are you continuing discussion? That topic hasn't gotten 250 replies yet. Just request the topic to be re-opened and staff will open it for you. The staff closes it due to necroposting, which is to post on a dead topic.

Fun fact

The part-2 topic was closed exactly a year ago.

its closed :man_facepalming:

i saw you edit at the right time

The forum software does that all by itself, I think?

just uses snapblocks now this topic doesnt even matter anymore

In fact, someone needs to make a snapblocks tutorial, because snapblocks has many different things from scratchblocks.

you just gave me an idea

The built in way is to add :: loop

blocks {
} :: control loop

blocks {
} :: control loop

[scratchblocks] c-shape { <boolean :: operators } :: control c-shape { (reporter :: operators) } :: control [/scratchblocks]

cursed ^