Snap [scratchblocks] Tutorial (Part 1)

Thanks! *Was* my profile broken?

(I appear to still have admin powers, so that’s fun :stuck_out_tongue:)

Hi, Tim! Welcome home.

Interesting! I think I had an account since a long time ago, and the forum accounts were maybe merged with the Snap! social site accounts? Presumably when I logged back in today it fixed whatever was broken. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Brian! Nice to hear from you.

I’d “like” your post, but, well, I know how you feel about social features. :wink:

There used to be a like button that was added when you were gone, but it was removed later. Many other categories like #former-uncategorized were removed after people started filling up the forum with off-topic topics

it still is possible on the scratch forum.

It's based on your Github's repository v3.5, packaged as a Discourse post-processor

I've written a little fix for this, and bundled that and some other fixes into v3.5.1 -- including your use href fix, @dardoro!

whats is the secret in the wink here

Oh, no secret; I just remember how keen Brian was when first setting up the forum to disable all the social features :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: and there’s a FAQ for it!

Oh and welcome back
Even though this is first time seeing you

I've updated the plugin at GitHub - DarDoro/
Tim, this Discourse "adapter" part is just a proof of concept, not really maintained anymore.
You are well known to the dev team and trusted (you're admin here :wink: ) Maybe you can consider creating the full-blown solution.

There is also your "toScratchBlocks" PR #1646 remade as a user project Snap! 6.8.1 Build Your Own Blocks.

Yes, I’m still curious how long that will last :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no, I couldn’t possibly. Honestly, it sounds like you’re doing a better job maintaining the Discourse plugin than I am of maintaining scratchblocks :wink:

That’s so cool! I’d forgotten all about that!

Until you do something to make us regret it. I.e., probably forever.

Hovers finger over “delete forum” button... :wink:

You can't do this, if you do this, everybody's account dies, including YOUR'S!

your account does not want to DIE, does it?

It's called sarcasm

why does everyone think my posts are literal...

It seems like you thought tjvr's post was literal...