Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private

Why does this happen?

Sometimes a thread is deleted, because it gets flagged or because the originator asks for it to be deleted or (not so often recently! yay!) because I just get fed up with it.

What happens when a user account is deleted? I'm wondering because there are some moderators whose profile pages are unable to be loaded and show a similar message, but you can still see all their posts.

Hmm, I don't recall that we've deleted any mods... But yes, the forum software wants us to delete all of a user's posts before deleting the account.

the must have hidden their profile.

If they hid their profile, it would at least show the "this profile is hidden" message, wouldn't it?
@tjvr (try clicking that mention.)
is this only happening to me?

but if you click it...

Huh, weird. When I click it it plays the opening animation then disappears, and when I open it in a new tab this happens:

Huh. I guess Tim hasn't been here in a while; he's no longer a student, I think, but has a real job and a family.

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