Snap! project to animated GIF

@bh I wrote a small 3-block library that lets you turn your Snap! project into a GIF for sharing on social media. Interested?

And the result:


This looks amazing!
Please share it

I agree Helicoptur! @hardmath123 did a great job!

impressive sir i commend your the fruit of your labor

If I understand hardmath123 correctly, he is asking Brian if the library could be included in the Snap! official libraries.

But, yes, please share the project here in the forum, as well, since it seems everybody would like to play with it (including me).


oh my goodness, I love that.

heck yes bro


I think the library should come with a block that cycles through the sprite's costumes. That way we can have the animated-costume thing that everyone wants, without putting costume-specific code in Snap! itself.

Here is a discussion-starter, then. :slight_smile:

I also made one a long while ago, but it uses a third party library. Does yours also depend on an external lib, @hardmath123?

IANK, but yes it does.

PS Interesting, you use a list in the user's control to store the frames. That's different from Kartik's version, which keeps the frames behind the scenes.

I love this approach, because it uses its own list!

Hi @bromagosa - indeed, I like your approach better as well! Mine also depends on an external library, but a different one.

@jens Bernat's approach cleverly mediates between the positions you and Brian take on "list of costumes." The key primitive he invents is "add snapshot of stage to list." I like it. What do you think?

By the way, Bernat, your solution also doesn't seem to work right on "retina mode." Below is what I get running your project unmodified — it's a white rectangle most of the time, and then occasionally you can see a glimpse of the turtle passing… :-/


whose bernat?and how did you make this script or list?


Yeah! please share it!

I would love to be able to generate an animated GIF from the stage of a Snap project. I'm trying to follow the thread here and in Github, but can't figure out if the library was actually shared anywhere. Can anyone point me to it, if it's available? Thank you!

well, that was a lie ig lol

I hope not. I think that there is just a lot of stuff that needed to be finished, and this could've just been forgotten from time and other factors.

Anyways, BUMP because this is actually really cool.