Snap! Profile Conpect

What if snap had favourite projects,Followers, People That You Are Following ,Comments & Profile Pictures
(The pfp will be the same as your fourm pfp)

I think it will be a good idea

I only would want profile pictures-~-

Yeah someday. Not our highest priority.

I understand, it is not a necessity either.

In my opinion in Snap! shouldn't be a things, which are in Scratch:

  • Followers
  • Comments
  • People that you are following

These things destroy people and programming skills- by this way I lost many time to learn coding.
Look what's doing in Scratch by follow option and comment . Nothing good. That is a reason why I support actually Snap! policy.

Totally agree. Just PFP is what I would like but it is not a necessity.

About profile pictures... probably enough in Snap! Forum, not necessary in Snap! website.
This site serve for saving projects in cloud and possible sharing them on forum :upside_down_face:
But all depends on developers objective

But we already have pfp

Not on the Snap! website. This is the forum.

oh, i didn't even notice

I'm pretty sure the Snap! community and the dev team (AKA @bh, @jens, etc) want to lean more on programming rather than social media stuff and competitiveness on Snap!

Snap! is all about programming, not about bragging about followers or likes. The only social media and competitive thing on Snap! is the Featured column. People WANT to be on the featured column.

If Snap! had more competitiveness and social stuff, then Snap! would be more about "Oh, your project is so bad, you only got 15 views! Haha" and "You have 1 follower, which is your alt account. Sad.". My point is that those comments destroy the point and purpose of programming and Snap! because Snap! is about programming, not about popularity contests and such.

[REDACTED] had comments, likes, and other stuff and the dev team of [REDACTED] hoped that [REDACTED] would be a nice community about programming someday, but you know what happened to [REDACTED]? The community instead of posting nice comments posted bragging comments and mean comments.

Did you know lots of people help contribute to Snap! ? (I've even contributed myself!) :)

Jesus that sounded political

We do plan to implement comments on projects, in the hope that we'll get good comments, such as

  • I like this because...
  • This is good, but I suggest...
  • You did such-and-such, but here's an easier way...

as opposed to useless comments, such as

  • This is great!
  • This is terrible!

But all that comes after student and teacher accounts.

What about a comment filter liek Scratch. If using a filter please do not make it so you get temporary comment ban for 5 minutes for entering a word such as dumb.

As I just said in an entirely different context in another thread, we're not worried about four-letter words. A comment saying "I love this!" is just as pointless, imho, as the reverse.

Not surprising. You're like the Griffpatch of snap.
(I don't mean this in a bad way!)

Doof, sorry!

Yeah, I support comments, but a comment saying "this is good" or "this is bad" are useless. Maybe you could make a new category on the forums to "comment" on projects only if the creator makes it. It would be quicker than just making a comment feature and is a good substitute until you implement comments.

Edit: I forgot about the "Share your projects" catagory.