Snap not Working on HP Chromebook 14

I have a HP Chromebook 14 and Snap! won't load any of the Snap! code. I can visit the "Run Snap! Now" page, but after it's done loading, it shows a blank white page. From what I noticed, everything works fine except with the Snap! code. It works when l use my phone or other electronic devises, but not the Chromebook.

(I didn't include a screenshot of a project in case it was against the creator's wishes)

What happens if you go to Snap! Build Your Own Blocks directly without going through the community site?

It does the same thing as going through the community site, it loads for a bit then leaves a blank page.

Hmm. I don't have a Chromebook to test with. Other forum people with a Chromebook? Has Snap! stopped working for you?

I have a Chromebook- it's a newer Dell model. Snap! runs just fine.

@power_hack Does the Chromebook belong to your school? Is it possible that it's set up to block Snap! for some reason?

@pajamaclaws21 Thanks!

It would be a Chromebook that I own

Hmm, did you install some Chrome extension that's blocking Javascript? I'm running out of ideas...

it would probably be useful to check the developer console (i think it should be F12 or ctrl-shift-k)
it shows javascript errors

@bh I don't think I have any Chrome extensions, Scratch runs fine on the laptop so I'd assume Snap! should work as well knowing they are written with very similar code.

@sarpnt I did check the developer console and some errors did pop up, it seems to be something with java script.

That's a really old model, right? It would be a 2014 model. Can you check whether it's running the latest Chrome? Otherwise it might not support current JavaScript features required to run Snap.

what errors? take a screenshot

Nope. But what I did notice is that they "when key pressed" stopped working with automatic auto correct (it corrects your words without the red line under it)

It is, or else the tab layout wouldnt look like that.
Old (from 2014):


It is identical to mine, except that I changed my theme to purple.

@sarpnt I updated the post to include a screenshot with the errors

@bh I did find that all the java script errors lead back to:

Uncaught ReferenceError: modules is not defined
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token .
Uncaught ReferenceError: WorldMorph is not defined

@jens I checked for any Chromebook updates and it's all up to date

Well- mine is a school handout. So it might be a software thing, I don’t know.

This was happening to @mr_owlssssnap2 and others if I remember the topics from a week ago. They all said it was on chrome book.

Try clearing your cache. That's not guaranteed to work, but it might.

To clear the cache

shift+reload, or if you have devtools open (console/inspect element), you can right click reload, and select empty cache and hard reload.

Alternatively, you can clear the cache in the settings.

the first error is on this line of code:
var buff = new Uint8Array(await aFile?.arrayBuffer()),
the only . is part of the ?. operator which is pretty new.

like jens suggested, your browser is old and you need to update it.

if the laptop is old enough that they aren't providing updates for it anymore, you'd need to find a workaround like installing linux on it.
chromebooks often only get around 6.5 years of support and never get updates again, i'd reccomend avoiding them for that reason. normal computers allow installing and upgrading anything you want on them and generally make it easy.