Snap not Working on HP Chromebook 14

I never said anything? The website bugs were global, not just a local chromebook problem. This bug powerhack is experiencing doesn't happen to me.

Oh I thought you made a topic on it, someone did.

Oh, ok.

I'm sorry but your Chromebook is definitely not running an even halfway current version of Chrome. Maybe it's been deprecated and taken out of of update services and that's why there aren't any updates available for you. The errors you're showing suggests that your system is running a version of JavaScript that's older than ES8 which was introduced in 2017. In order to run the current version of Snap! v8 you need a browser that supports at least ES11 which has been around since 2020.

The hp chromebook 14 isn't super old.
I own an hp chromebook 14 and it has updates until 2026 i think

I took a deeper look and updates stopped coming out on that laptop a few years back. It couldn't handle anything after 2019. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

just to be clear if you didn't get it from before: you can still use that laptop if you install linux on it. don't waste a perfectly good computer!

If it is a school computer they might not be able to.

See? I knew it!

Unfortunately, the computer can't handle Linux.

what do you mean by that? pretty much anything should be able to run something small like arch, artix, or alpine linux. note that i'm not just suggesting to use crouton, you would likely get much better performance and security from a native install.

arch wiki has information about this particular chromebook too: HP Chromebook 14 - ArchWiki