Snap! not letting me log in

When I try to log in, it just doesn't work. I entered my credentials right, but it doesn't even popup an error message or anything. My wifi is working fine, and every other site also works fine.
Edit: Now it's just not even loading the site at all. What is happening??

Are you also unable to load any projects?

Well yes, but mainly because i'm not logged in.
Even weirder, when I open the 'open projects' page at all, it hard freezes and doesn't let me click anything. only for a second apparently
But I can't test that anymore because it wont load the site site loaded again
Edit: now its also popping up the browser error message of "took too long to respond"

It also happens to me and I can't save any project

hey, I thought it was just my computer loading snap slowly. Now I know other people are having similar issues.

This is exactly what's happening to me! I'm literally just trying to log in and it just doesn't load at all. Well, the little dotted circle is there just spinning for an eternity. It must be a problem with the site.

Actually, the forum works fine with my computer. It's the Snap! editor where you build your projects that doesn't load.

And, @snapenilk, I cannot load projects either.

What is going on???

Must be the new update.
@bh @jens please fix this!

i'm having the same issue too!

Same here - I've sent a message off to Bernat

also, when I open a project (even from a URL), it is always blank.

Site is starting to work again. But nothing loads yet, only a spinning circle.

I recommend exporting any un-saved work to your local computer- if your browser hasn't already locked up on that is!

website is now working :slight_smile:

Still does not load for me

it takes a long time :frowning:

Today I logged into my MacBook Air (Early 2014) , but saw the Snap! site it loads very slow, and I don't know why, can you help us? :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

In order for the website to be working, it must also not take long time to load. So still have to wait until the site is up and loading as expected

It's still just showing the spinny dots. I've been waiting for 17 minutes now.

Exactly. :pensive:

yep, seems to have stopped working again.