Snap!nix Neo

i guess we can use that for now.

Okay. I got the teletype emulation (mostly) working. Can I push it?

The main problem is that I built it in an older version. You may need to copy your code over. (Style note: no block comments., and no global variables. We have a file system!)

(i'm going to watch this topic)

I have discourse set up to watch every topic.

I don't do that because I usually read notifications ASAP and it gets annoying if every topic I view gives notifications

I like it because I don't have notifications enabled, but the icon still changes in my taskbar when someone posts.

I have that on too.

(I'm asking in advance because I don't want to wait) Can I push changes to fix users?

Yes. Afterwords, I'll port my changes to your branch.

Well, I've already done half of that, so you don't need to.
edit:For some reason, when I press letters at stdin it does multiple at once.

Surprisingly, I managed to crack the password for snapper in just 5 attempts. (Well, I did have some context so that made it slightly easier, but I probably could have gotten it within about 50 tries)

Yikes! Try this one:


I think asking for every push is overkill. Sorry about that. I just don't want sweeping changes w/o warning beforehand, and swung the pendulum too far the other way.

Is it "cluebaritone21"?

No. It's a sentence with the first word being Snap!nix.

There's a pidgin-hole problem. Great /s .

There definitely is. I made a brute forcer and found many nonsensical solutions starting with "Snap!nix"

The solution is

Snap!nix is cool, and I hope it catches on.

Oh, so I wasn't too far off.

What was your guess?

I was trying variations of "Snap!nix is cool"

Snap! already has a hashing block.