Snap!nix Neo

Yes, but for people who don't know how to get this block, press Snap! logo > Switch to dev mode, then the block would be in Operators category.
By the way why is it hidden in dev mode?

You have to hold down shift before pressing the Snap! logo

idk probably because not many people know what a hash is?

I tried to play the project, got this:
Screenshot 2024-04-23 210741

What's wrong?

EDIT: Forgot to execute the required script, so it's technically not working.


Huh. The block definition of "get /etc/init" had a null block, so I made it not null, but it glitched out.

EDIT: Let me try if dev mode and/or the dev version changes things.

dev mode and dev version doesn't change it

You need to set the filesystem first.

Well, dev mode didn't give me a error, regardless of whether I was in dev mode or not.

I did, but I'll try again.

EDIT: Hey thanks. But it's VERY SLOW and keeps duplicating my inputs.

Sorry. I'm still working on the teletype.


I'm pushing a change to fix the duplicating inputs. Until then, press :stop_sign: then :checkered_flag:.

But what about the error? Shouldn't the "set file system to __" be run in the script that runs when you click the flag?

EDIT: The duplicating inputs thing is fixed, but it's still pretty slow.

it wouldn't be nice to delete all your users and files when you click the flag...

I made a blinky cursor!

I'll start work on touch...

Touch function is done!

Here's a link to try it!

Snap!nix Neo

??? I must've done something wrong!

Setting the file system variable would delete all your files, and every other user's files, too!

Add a "setup" flag, and a file to call it only if setup is false

@mr_owlssssnap2's suggestion is needed.