Snap!nix Neo

Hello. Would anyone be interested in remaking Snap!nix, this time with everything but the file system and TTY emulated? (I.E. A real kernel.)

Here's the link for the Snap! project. Snap!nix Neo



  • File system
    • Reading Files
    • Writing Files
  • Terminal
  • Visual Mode
  • Multitasking
  • Multi-User
    • File ownership & permissions

  • POSIX Standard compliance! (To an acceptable degree.)

Yes, in fact I was looking back at it a few days ago.


I remember when the original snapnix was made

I think you should sharing across the cloud

and if you want to add it me and someone else made a cloud database library

Whoever implemented users, I have some changes I'd like to make.

  1. Passwords will be stored in /home/username/shadow, and will be stored as SHA-256 hashes.
  2. Login will be handled by /etc/login, to be called by /etc/init.
  3. A user's home directory is /home/username.
  4. Bash is only a shell. Nothing else.

However, let's focus on setting files first.

"Didn't you know NEO is famous for it's high defense?"

that was me, i will add those changes.
edit: what should i do with the users/add command?
edit 2: @bluebaritone21, the new get block can be used with the list blocks to write files.
Snap!nix Neo script pic

undertale refrence1?!?!?

Cool. I'll look into that.

Note: to prevent vandalizing, everyone (myself included) should get confirmation before pushing changes. (I.E: let's only have a few branches.)

ok, but

Create a new directory in /home.

I already have a get block that works like your new one. It's just hidden. (Also, don't store lists in files. directories are the only lists.)

i mean, it already exists, where do i put it now that /users is gone?

What do you mean?

where should it be in the filesystem?

You mean the executable? put it in /bin/addUser.

can i push changes?

Can I help?

Go ahead.

I'm working on the teletype, and I'll make a PR when I'm done.


How's this for a hashing algorithm? (It's super insecure, but it's better than nothing.)