Snap! Mini

First, there was Snap!.
Then, there was Snap! Jr.

But one installment to the three Snap programs we haven't seen is Snap! Mini.

And finally...


I made Snap! in the Snap! editor, as @earthrulerr did that. But he (or she) didn't finish it, and the topic has been dead for quite a while, so I decided to make it for him (or her)!

This is in early access, so many things will be missing. For example, the Green Flag block, and the Control category. If you want to help, please do!

Demo: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Also, everything's blurry.

I seem to have broken Snap!:

For the blocks you should put the block in editor of Snap! then do script pic and import it as a costume for the block in mini. Also he/they
Also some graphics could be improved. You could make your own categories tabs in a vector so that it is not as blurry.

I would like to help you with this but we should use the connection system from Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

We could also use my version and resize the stage on my version and add categories. I think it will be better if we do it that way since Snap! Build Your Own Blocks has the connections system, block graphics, and flag/pause stuff. It also has the run system nailed. For the version in my possession we could add sprite creation and selection at the bottom.

You mean Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks.

Also you didn't credit us in your project notes.

Yeah because it wasn’t done yet. I published it today so that I could send a link

I did not know you added more stuff to that. So yes @slate_technologies that one is the link. Also @joecooldoo feed slate ideas on this topic about categories please.

Your version is also outdated can you update it to the version I sent. (Yours has a different UI and not all the blocks)

(a while later)

I want to continue this. BTW I saw a Scratch project by griffpatch (!) here (forkphorus version, regular one doesn't display text), and I want to port it to Snap!.

Edit: my project.

Ha ha!

I've updated my project. Can anyone help me with the error in this?:

Where's the "null" variable?

Edit: I'm no longer maintaining this one, I've moved to this.

Does anyone know what this means lol? It was either a typo or I am just confused.

This one

Probably "give slate".

Just use Snapinator.

I did but there're a ton of errors.