Snap! Microworlds?

Hello friends!

I've read (and also seen) that Snap! v7 has introduced microworlds, i.e. the possibility to customize the blocks palette by hiding some of the blocks and adding custom-made ones. That's an incredibly powerful feature, and one of the reasons I often suggest Snap! to teachers.

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to create my own microworld. I've found this forum thread which seems outdated, and I haven't found any information in the manual.

I thought of writing directly to my dear friend @bromagosa (hi Bernat! :)) but I figured that others might find this information useful. Can anyone point me to relevant resources / documentation on how to create a microworld?

Thank you so much, macro-hugs from Cambridge!

Wow! I didn't even know that feature is called microworld!
So basically it's the ability to create your own block palettes (editing the primitive ones and creating custom ones)

Once we understand the main point, let me say that isn't very hard to figure out how to make your own microworld. If you want to edit primitive ones, you can use Make a Block to create your own block and File > Hide Blocks to hide them. For custom ones you can make and hide their blocks as well; to create one use File > Create Category, select your color and click OK. And to remove just File > Remove a category and a menu will be displayed.

This is the key. The previous mechanism that required hiding blocks one at a time has been replaced by this dialog in which you can choose which blocks you want to hide. In the dialog, right-click on the background to select all or select none as a starting point.

P.S. I know I'm way behind on the manual; I'm working on it...

Awesome! I was able to create a quick microworld-test project.

I noticed that the saved project includes the state of the block palette, so I guess teachers can publish their project on the cloud (or distribute the project file to their students) and have students edit/remix the original project to play with the microworld. I also like that if students want to unhide some blocks or make new blocks they can also do it.

Thanks @scratchmodification for your guidance, and thanks @bh for the right-click tip for selecting all/none of the blocks, that saved a lot of time!

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