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In the beginning less (blocks) is doing more. When working with young children is it possible to create custom categories and custom block menu's? I've heard that @bromagosa forked Snap! that does that.

Here you can see the project: []

Thank you.

You can't create custom categories but you can create customised menus

See page 45 onwards - pulldown menu

What you can do is hide selected primitives -- right click on the block in the palette and choose "hide." They'll stay hidden when you save and reload the project. (You can get them back by clicking in the palette background and choosing "unhide primitives.")

Thanks @cymplecy, @bh...this is not an option.

[offtopic] do you have the link? [offtopic]

@sathvikrias no I don’t have a link. There is always a reason from people who know what the are talking about to keep BYOB as it is and not to make it BYOCMB. Build You’re Own Categories Menus and Blocks. But it would be welcome especially for children.

We'll probably get around to this, although it's sort of against our principles to hide things from kids. But yes, teachers always want it, so we'll do it. Just not soon.

Thank you @bh. From an educational viewpoint with younger children I would welcome this. Start small and not getting overwhelmed by the amount of primitive blocks. like the picture above Snap as the Swiss Army knife building you’re own blocks, menus and categories. But..then you’re hiding a lot.:s

As a makeshift solution, you may try [this project.]
The Catg.API sprite, when run, modifies categories and removes itself
education_pixels_kleuters script pic

For development purposes run project with editMode and noRun
education_pixels_kleuters script pic (1)

The blocks in the newly created categories become obsolete after saving and reloading.

yeah thats the problem
see this post

execute by spec then
and his code only works on commands not reporters for reporters see my module system Snap Module System

Yes, blocks IN THE SCRIPT AREA are broken after load. So something like "change category" should be invented. Or the project should be reloaded with :page_facing_up: to reveal new blocks.

So, the "microworld" builder fork is here:

Check out the documentation here:

And a live instance can be found here:

But if what you want is JUST a custom dropdown menu for a block input, that can be done in Snap! itself. Let me know if that's the case.

Thank you, @bromagosa, @dardoro for me this Morphic.js is to much of a steep learning curve. I will stick by Snap!'s primitives and custom blocks.

no it works on reporters


I was thinking about making another one that was a command block but a) it would be kind of cluttered and b) that's pretty easy to make, just dupe the block and make it a command

but it doesn't report anything in his code
see the blank report

that's a failsafe so it won't throw "Reporter didn't report." That's for command blocks. The reason it's there is because if it evaluated a reporter, it would have reported something already, therefore ending the block's process and leaving the blank report block obsolete.

OH!I see

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