Snap! Lite

Snap! Lite is a lightweight version of Snap!.

Things to note:

  • The only available language options are English, Spanish and French
  • Backgrounds, Costumes, Sounds, and Library presets do not exist anymore
  • Many read-me files are gone
  • snap.html is now part of index.html

This may seem like I'm trying to remove features, and that is true, but I mostly made this so Snap! doesn't take up almost 2 GB of my hard drive space.

What is the space difference?


Snap! Lite:

Things to do:

  • Remove buttons that do not work anymore


last time I checked downloading the full Snap! repo including everything (manual, help screens, all translations, all costumes, backgrounds, sounds etc.) only takes up 172 MB of hard drive (not 2 GB). The JS sources are roughly 2.6 MB, which is ... tiny.

snap takes up 1.42 GB when I downloaded it onto my computer, but after a bit of digging around, I found out that 1.26 GB is being taken up by the .git folder.

The reason why the .git folder is taking up so much is because it's storing the data for the old revisions too. Try doing a shallow clone

how do I do that?


Hmmm, then its a hell of a good thing Snap! exists online

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When I click on the download Snap! menu item (upper right corner of Snap!) it takes me to Release v7.3.1 · jmoenig/Snap · GitHub where there is no .git folder

I think this is an important issue - my experiences in Indonesia was that frequently the Internet was too slow and unreliable to depend upon and a version on the local file system (or as a cached Progressive Web App (PWA)) contains lots of media files that weren't being used.

But it is the help folder that takes up nearly 120MB - perhaps it is time for a better help system? Though the manual is over 80% of that folder. But note that the PWA doesn't cache the manual. Most of the 1300 files in the PWA cache are images.

The .git folder only exists when you clone the Snap! repository (using GitHub Desktop, command-line git or something else).
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Ohh OK, also reading other posts, the .git file also takes up space. You can close this, it's not really needed.

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