Its clearly unfinished, as i still need to do all of the reporters and stuff, but yeah.

This is a fork of @joecooldoo's Snap Lite, which means it uses Snap! 7.4.

Super!I'll suggest


if on edge,bounce=if too far to zero zero bounce
edit:bounce is the real prolem not edge
if on edge jump away

its all a joke, all of the block names are jokes, like i even left "when green hat," in when i saw it going over the code


Makes reference to another guy's variables

also ive decided im just not gonna make new websites for random things, and just host in on my owlfiles thing


untitled script pic (13)

uh, ok lol

for inherit YES

You should capitalize every word to make it annoying and hard to read

This hurts to use, it is perfect.

what about inherit??

lol thanks

im not referencing anyone?? im so confused rn

OMG this is super weird:

inherit makes an attribute or variable of clone become the same as the parent, and when the value is changed in the parent, it is also changed in the clone.