Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 2)

I said yet

Oh, OK.

How can I contribute to this?

If you download the file, you can edit block primitives in objects.js.

Ok. And where do I post my contributions. Smerge? Github? Here?

You can use the file share (share projects) on the snap! jr website.


continue making it. ill do something about

( im done learning js )

I think you should add a button (like Snap! 's Run Snap!) that runs Snap! Jr. HTML in the browser.

Somebody made a mirror... Thats the closest I've gotten.

Can't you edit the HTML for a Wix page? If you can, try that.

Ugh, I said I would get to that.

Just making a suggestion. Sorry.

I'm just in a crabby attitude. Sorry bout' that.

@348663451y, Is this you? :slight_smile:

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