Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 3)

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And it is part 3! WooHoo!

This is you? (I think it is, and I know why you didnt give a last name, it's just how the form works)

oh jeez part 3 that was fast.

is that on the snap jr. site?


Yes, it is me. It showed my full name and I wasn't really comfortable with it. Sorry.

id like to tell you that my sis is still working on the os and sees me using the scenes block and wanted to know if we are adding that. ( she made a costume thats as far as she got :laughing: )

Completly fine. I encourage it, too.

Thanks for the privacy! :slight_smile:

Ive changed it to your username, so I know who it is :slight_smile:


np. You have any thing we need to add to the website and/or snap! jr?

Nothing else, no. I was just wondering if I could add blocks that run JS?

It's for minors (youngsters), and it already has the JavaScript block. :slight_smile:

@joecooldoo you can edit/add html to the site.

What do you mean?

You can add your own HTML and CSS and JS (if they go with the html) to your website.

No, you cant edit HTML and CSS.

I meant to make a new block that runs JS.