Snap is broken

what is this!
and what does this mean? : load failed: invalidstateerror the object is in a invalid state.

This is why I keep a local copy of everything

It's temporary error, sure if you restart the snap! editor all we will good.

thats from my poblic page

Well obviously, it is in an invalid state. There isnt much you can do now, if that happens, it wont work aagaing.

what is?

An object.


I don't know. A sprite?

I just said which!

I know its a sprite!


I meant load.

Oh, OK.

did you use any javascript?

No JavaScript was used.

I was asking @sirhopsalot

I know what project they are using. It didn't use javascript.

oh, lol, I didn't look at the title of the project in the picture

Well as soon as I saw the picture I knew what this was. I think the problem is that @sirhopsalot opened a Snap! 6 Project into a Snap! 7 Project. I think this was in Snap! 6 before.