Snap is broken

no it can't be that.

It happens in the editor too.

duh, the pic was in editor

I think you mean asked, not said. Also, why would you expect anyone to know which sprite it is? Also, it's probably not a sprite, considering the entire corral is missing. (I think once I got an error that said something like "XML Error: Missing important element 'corral!'")

oh, yeah I didn't think of that.

I never got that.


hey, I was going to test that!
but you deleted it!



Why do you need it?

I love that song. its from one of my favorite games.

Super Mario Galaxy?

uh huh.

Yeah. Used to have it for my Wii. But I sold my games for a Nintendo Switch.

Let's stop with the off-topic posts.

All I was doing is I was testing if an audio element works on the forum.

I wish I did cuz even on my editor its broken.

oh it works just fine


There is way more to the list than just that.
I'm usually working on blocks and not projects, so a lot of them are block xml's.