Snap! Editor in Snap!

I am trying to make a re make of the Snap! Editor with most blocks here. I need help with the forever block and connecting blocks.

why are you doing that?

As a challenge from my step sister.

And I want to do it

ohh. and the show and hide blocks don't work

Wdym do not work? Attach them to the when flag clicked block then click the when flag clicked block.

@sirhopsalot reload page I update it so I took away saving positions since it wasn’t working.

So is there anyway you could help me with connections or forever block?

@helicoptur @joecooldoo invitd pings, cna y’all help?

ill work on it.

I have a idea if I could use some draggable setting block It could work.
see I was thinking if we make a block that tp's the blocks when they are touching the other
block it would line up just right and set it to none draggable then when you click it becomes draggable and you can drag it away from the other blocks.

can you give me a draggable setting block?

I am confused on that part but see the connecting to green flag script? That’s kind of what it should be like.

my idea: when flag clicked forever if touching wfc block connect

see you in the morning I gonna watch something oh btw you should switch this to collaboration category

But it is not a full colab. I just need help with these things. Also I may have figured it out I will test it. Now I Jsut need help with forever if this works.

ok fine.

My way: do a custom think for each and every single thing. -will take to long aka pls help

I’m not helping because
A) I don’t want to
B) It’s not really useful for anything
C) This is the result of a dare

It’s not. I said “Ask me to make something and I will try to make it”

I do that to but how did you make the hide and show blocks?
make the forever block the same way.

I like the new blocks next you could make a wait secs block.
im working on the forever block.