Snap Dark Flat Theme

I have successfully created a dark theme for snap, sort of. I created it as a userscript. What it does is, add a new item to the settings menu which switches between light and dark theme. Additionally, when you turn on flat design, it isn't automatically light theme, so you can now have a dark flat theme.


Just add that into tapermonkey, and then you'll get it.


if someone could show me how to make the light non-flat theme to look better, please tell me.

note: when snap 7 releases, I suggest you turn this extension off since it replaces the menu, and since snap 7 adds more options, this will remove those new options.

Fix the shading we’re the Snap! logo is?

Beautiful dark theme :star_struck:

add to snapfox?

I want to fix that, but I don't know how.

my other extension (not *monkey) wants to do the job
if you have that problem too, click here and copy the code to the new script in *monkey

also, thanks for making this script. this will keep my eyes from burning

that's just a link to my script...

yes, it's very pretty, i like it

yeah and its the script code to copy and paste if someones other extention (like my custom right-click menu) wants to do the job, my custom right-click menu extenton wanted to do the userscript install because my extention had the same id as the link provided by you:

I just realized what you mean. You can used userscripts in other browser extensions, not just tapermonkey.