Snap! Console Game Jam

I had a backup dont worry

Oh okay thats good

It's fixed

I have two little brothers, they do this all the time. They're annoying


Snap! Console is kinda broken now. And they are behind on adding new titles.

How is it broken?

Either it's broken or something else is happening.

Its something else. Its been saved on the "bootLoaders" scene. Snap console is fine.
@joecooldoo, you need to save it on Snap console scene XD

Oh, thank you for telling me why!

I think @joecooldoo is making a BootLoaders scene to mimic the screens you see when you load in pirated games. Either that or he's making it a real OS (Not really an OS, more of a software that runs on a games console. But you get what I'm saying, right.)

A bootloader is the thing that runs scripts when the os is launched

My bootloader is for compressing and decompressing the snap console metadata and loading it. It's not finished yet though

The bootloader of a computer finds an OS and if there is more than one it asks you which os to launch.

oh, whoops

oh, okay

So I might be able to help you, but only at school because I got IP banned at home


This meme is pretty much the explanation