Snap! Console Game Jam

Get your games in the BETA build of Snap! Console! Submit a game, and (if reviewed and works with Snap! console correctly) it will go into the build! The best game in 1 week will get their game featured as the first software application on the HOME menu!

Fun fact: the Snap! Console UI is almost made up entirely out of the pen!

Pings to people who might want to join:
(I like your projects)

(I made this topic so I could get software onto my project)

How to Setup Your Project with Snap! Console

Add a button to suspend the software. Add this script to your button:

untitled script pic (6)

Add this script to your button as well:

untitled script pic (5)

Remember to make a 100x100 image for your game's icon.

You're all set! Start making your game!


:1st_place_medal: 1st Place - Gravity by mr_owlssssnap
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place - You're Late! by slate technologies
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd Place - Voxel 2D by sladescar

Thank you to all who participated!

Aw...Thank you! Your projects are pretty good too!

I like them!

Do you want to join?

Heck yeah I do! I'm gonna work on a game right now.

After you're done, share the project and show me. Just remember that the game has to have a button to exit to the HOME menu.

Okay! Sounds good!

Can I add 2 player local multiplayer onto it?

Yeah. You don't have to, but try to make it mobile friendly.

Oh, okay.

I will probably add Mobile Controls in the future. For now, I'll just work on the game for PC users.


To exit to the HOME menu, use this script:

untitled script pic (3)

(The second slot says Suspend)

Also, remember to add your username in there saying you made it; I have to export the project then load it into Snap! as a scene.

One last thing: Remember to make an icon for your game to be displayed on the HOME menu!

I want to join but I am in exams right now so I don't know how much I can get done. I will do as I can.

I can increase the time if needed. Please read:

Is there a way to have save data for a game? Is the state of a scene persistant even after its unloaded and loaded?

When the HOME menu is loaded (via SWITCH TO SCENE [SNAP! CONSOLE] AND SEND [SUSPEND]), the software is still open, but in a paused state. But if the user closes the software and reopens it, it will start as if it were a normal Snap! project. You can save data using the Database library.

seems cool can i join?

You can. Just read the previous posts to see what to add onto your project.


Caveat #1

I've got an idea, that is to put tags on the games saying "Mobile Friendly", "Requires PC", or something like that. I don't think my game could be Mobile Friendly because touchscreens could only sense so many fingers on the screen at once.

Caveat #2

How do you name a game and add a picture for it? Can you make the blocks do that?

Cool idea.

Just send the name and picture over the forums.