Snap! Console Blocks (Part 3)

Continuing the discussion from Snap! Console Blocks (Part 2) - #100 by joecooldoo.

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I can't get nesting to work.



No, I can't get the CODE to work.

Which code? The typed code? Or the Snap! project code?

Snap! Code.

Hmm... Does it has anything to do with say [2 * 9] (or whatever) having it say 2 * 9 not 18? I.e. the Snap! code parsing 2 * 9 as text?

No. Can you try? I already trashed my changes.

What exactly are you trying to do, specifically? Parse nested reporters?

Trying to make it read the what-nots.

What "what-nots"?

the layer things

The nesting of reporters?


Try using () for reporters and [] for text, and recursively parse the reporters. Helper post here.

This is now a collaboration.

@joecooldoo I thought you didn’t want a collaboration.

It never was a collaboration. warped_wart_wars is recommending me stuff and I'm coding them. I only asked them to to infinite nesting. That isn't enough for a collaboration.

It technically is a collaboration, since you're working together..

Yeah, but I only asked for one thing. And I'm experimenting on my own for now.