Snap! Champions- (preparation)

Hi everyone!
I decided make a Snap! competition. Everyone can participate! You must only write a post with #join.
I present below rules and needful informations:


How this will work?

  1. Competition will divided on a few levels- each about others topics.
  2. Works will rated by chosen people (should be administrators of Snap!)- will rated:
  • aesthetics- design of project
  • scripts- scripts, how built
  • idea and usefulness- objective of project
  • others assessments
  1. To go to the next level, you must have minimum result- min. value is dependent of the topic.
  2. Work, will be can send to latest topic from contest- such a comment should have a description and link to project.
  3. To win you must to have a the largest number of points.

Simple rules

  • Project cannot insert bad words- keep the culture.
  • Deadline for work is a week- this can will change.
  • Don't spam on topics.

Competition should start in the near time- all depends on number of contestants and establishing order. If all goes well, should start in week. More info will be given- be alert!

I am confused, we make a project, admins vote, then we explain how we made it? Please explain some more details about this.

Simple- it's time, participants do projects, admins vote/evaluate- you have a minimum points→ next level. Topics will be make by admins- also points.

I would like to help vote. I can also make a sign-up sheet if you like.

Could we do this on netsblox to make a networked application?


This isn't going to happen; we're trying to emphasize cooperation rather than competition. (Look up some of the earlier threads that mention competition.) That doesn't mean you can't run one, but we're not making it official.

Also, could we split this into teams of three?

It's hard to make a large project with only one person.

could I vote too @nieznajomyh?

Yeah, if it’s teams then I want to join if not then I don’t since I would need help with a big project.

Could I join your team?

interesting idea, but need is more participants.

Sure. What should we make. Also are we Team 1? If so I’ll make a Team 1 topic.

Oh we will wait until more people join. Teams of 2 since so little people.

ill join team 1

3 teams of three?


I think and if more join 4 teams of 3. Or 5 of 3 and so on.


yes, 3 teams of three. 4 teams should enough.