Team 3

More info here: Snap! Champions- (preparation)

Team leader: Sir_kitten2
Co-leader: -
Multipurpose role: -

We will be making a virus game or google maps program, please vote by replying to this post.

Also, we will be using NetsBlox - A mod of Snap! to make or project.

we are making the google maps. thief!

It was my idea originaly :wink:

@joecooldoo claimed it

No, it was @sir_kitten's idea, but i already clamed it

and this

jk thats fake

Please do not make any projects as the competition has not started. (I made the chat engine before a thought about that)

Chat with whitelist for game: untitled (48)

(We are making the virus game)

I hacked your chat

Could you join my team?

Is NetsBlox allowed? @nieznajomyh

They haven’t been online for a long while there is no point.

No; I'm going to be too busy to work on this, but have fun and good luck.

yes it is

I'm leaving this team

then tell the mods to delete this topic cuz you are the only one on the team

Will you just MAKE UP YOUR MIND??? You keep switching teams, creating new topics and leaving teams! Now stick with your idea!

I'm meaning I'm leaving the competition.