Snake game

My new game, snake game is released.
Go check it out:

nice game.

Thanks @funtime_foxy101, I worked very hard on it.

I'm sure. I couldn't even possibly create a game with good enough effort. You can. :)


No problem.

Hey can we be friends?

Sure, why not?

Yay we get to be friends!

tenor - 2020-12-21T234626.705

LOL, did you use a gif maker?

no, I do not have access to those-

It literally saids gif maker on the bottom LOL

hhhhh- I uploaded it

I don’t know how to make one :c

same here....imma just chill here....and kinda code or something

xbnmsbjxan no...

Oh ok

Aight now imma snake

I know thats what I told her in person