Snake game

That's kinda mean, but ok....

I asked her she said she used the examples...

I did

I modified it so it’s not plagiarized

k then.....

Btw my bro misses you

this is just jens's snake game except with touch controls it's using the same code the only difference between the two is that you control the snake using touch buttons and not a keyboard

Yeah @pumpkinhead

I knew it was familiar! I just couldn't find the original

I got it from here:

Why did you try to pass it off as your own?

Well I modified part of it but then telling to trust would been better.....

Hi I was wondering how you would code the snake to die when it touches its tail?

Welcome to the forum !

The snake already dies when it touches its tail...
Watch into this block:

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Hmm?No offtopicing here

What's wrong with you flaggers?Is it not right to stop a rule breaker?

Hey, gacha-girl :grinning: can I be friends too?