Should we use replit or some other IDE?

Argh!The third try to finish that lambda calculus thing!

@bh Where did that extra PDF go?

for(let i of this.entities)i.type="Computer Science"

I'm sorry, what extra PDF?

that pdf that was showing "ex." which corresponds to the project

Oh maybe you mean


doth not werk

neither this,copying the code of try




yep but not quite






Nice hack lol



(sneaks a peak at copying past project)

Getting there.

Some of those early attempts could have been avoided by thinking more carefully about domain and range.

oops ok(eating lunch so pause a bit)

It's okay, unlike you, I don't expect instant responses to what I post! :~P

oh lol
actually im working on
cuz my parents dont trust graphical programming languages and say that is scratch so its not helpful at all to learning >:C

Don't trust as in you can't get a job programming in them, or don't trust as in tools of the devil that'll rot your mind?

they dont think that scratch is a programming language i think
and they dont think that you can write algorithms in snap(which they think as scratch)

Well that should be fixable. Show them an algorithm! Show them the version of FOR on the cover of the manual. Show them one of Jens's media things.

PS And tell them they're right about Scratch, but Snap! is different, because it's really Scheme disguised as Scratch.

yeah yeah i did but they didnt even know how to program and only reads "AC"s
i have just said that i did my programming practice correct(actually using f12 to put a blank code and change all WAs into ACs) and can do some other things

Oh well, it's just like in fiction, the grownups never get it, whatever it is. :~)

Wait where did my code go?

It went to unsavedness >:C

Okay code restored
Next predecessor

that predecessor function was from my other projects

PS And tell them they're right about Scratch, but Snap*!* is different, because it's really Scheme disguised as Scratch.

i spent years programming in scratch, i've learned a ton from it and i could write algorithms just fine. the only issue was that for any large project with multiple longer algorithms it became a complete mess. (i would often make i,j,k... variables and reuse them everywhere, just keeping track of what was already used for what in my head)

replit isn't a real programming environment. how can you say you've learned programming if you don't know how to run it on your actual computer without internet, or run it on others computers?

i can say with confidence that the main thing i could never learn from a browser tool is how to work with dependencies, libraries, and the many important tools for text languages. how do you install sdl? how do you dynamically link and statically link dependencies? what's the best way to save old versions of the project? how do you get your website onto the internet? how do you hold things like account information so they can log in?

i think you should ask them to buy you a production server rack and domain so you can do proper learning :slight_smile:

Uhh no,with a python flask and a bit of JS i can make anything(theortically)anything without textures(reality,scoring 0 on art class)

not worth solving,either automatic or not needed


i trust you guys so i store information in plain text
im not gonna make a bank site so this is ok